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connecting, equipping & empowering you to bring the reality of God to your world

Join Us at Our Weekly Service

Join us for an amazing service happening every Sunday
at 9.30am and 11.30am at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel.
Full kids programme is also available so bring the whole family along!

Sunday Services
9.30AM & 11.30AM

Kinta Riverfront Hotel
Jalan Lim Bo Seng, 30000 Ipoh


To find out more about Kingdomcity, please watch Our Story video below or visit our global website.

Discovering your home.

This is a free event for all adults. Registration is essential. Children’s programme is provided.

Enjoy a delicious dinner, on us while meeting our Kingdomcity team and lots of other people who are new to Kingdomcity! You will hear about our DNA and the different atmospheres we value. Our Senior Leaders, Mark and Jemima Varughese, will share about our journey so far and you will discover how you can get involved at Kingdomcity. All kids over the age of one are invited to their own special event on the night where they can meet new friends, eat yummy food and learn about all the exciting things we have at Kingdomcity Kids!

This is Freedom is designed for Personal Wholeness in Christ.

The hurts and memories of the past and the pressures of daily life can cause many of us to take on unforgiveness, sinful thoughts and addictions.

This is a free event for all adults. Registration is essential. Children’s programme is NOT provided.

At this two-hour session, you will experience a spiritual cleansing through repentance, forgiveness, renunciation, and the restoration of your true identity. Step by step, you will be set free from negative thoughts, unclean desires, toxic emotions, and sinful habits, and encounter the fullness of freedom through Christ.

At Kingdomcity we believe in the power of water baptism, it is important to understand why we should be baptised.

Water Baptism is not a way to become a Christian or even a process of our past wrongs being forgiven. Jesus did everything on the cross and at the moment when we honestly accept Christ our sins are forgiven and we are made right with God. So if this is the case then why the need to be water baptised?  The bible teaches in Matthew 28 we should all be baptised, it is a public declaration of a believer’s faith in Jesus, and the water itself symbolises our old sinful self being washed away and as we are brought up out of the water it expresses the new life that we have in Jesus Christ.

As part of every baptism, we run a short course prior to the service that teaches those being baptised what is involved and the biblical principles behind Water Baptism.

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Connecting, Equipping and Empowering people to bring the reality of God to their world.


Get Connected!

We would like to welcome you to check out any one of our Connect Groups in the city.

7.30pm, First Garden
8pm, Greentown

7.30pm, Sri iskandar
8pm, Canning 1
8pm, Kampar

7.30pm, Chateau Garden
8pm, Canning Suites
8pm, Sunway
8pm, Batu Gajah
8pm, Canning 2
8pm, Ipoh Garden
7.30pm, Pasir Puteh

4pm, Youth

Connect Groups happen fortnightly and is where you really get the chance to build some solid relationships with other people at Kingdomcity. More than a social connection, it’s also about discipleship. It is a place where people discover more about the Bible and where they fit into God’s plan for the local Church.

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